Thursday, 11 August 2011

Date Riot, or 'In Due Course'

I would start with the phrase 'what a week' but thats seems quite repetitive at this point.
Riots in London, very strange. As I mentioned in my previous post, on Tuesday I was supposed to have a date with a guy I dated a couple of times a few years ago. And, can you believe it, we had to cancel because of the riots! I have now had such a few mishaps in this area of my life that I have to be sure the Universe is saving me for someone very special ;-)
Anyway, that afternoon, as I was walking Aslan home, the whole High St was boarding up, and by 7 everything would have been shut down. We are due to reschedule for Friday, but I think he may believe I was just using the riots as an excuse, as his last text said we would speak 'in due course', hmmm....
Cant really blame him though, as I did drop him pretty completely in the past.

In other news, I just booked the shipping for my refrigerated 'man sample' (eek! :-))
The guy who's doing it seems so nice, and one has to wonder what he is getting out of it, after all, not even sex! It does increase my faith that there are some good men out there.

Money situation not getting any better.  Especially as I have to go to the fertility clinic tomorrow and pay a big whack just for a consultation to get a prescription for progesterone pessaries to prevent miscarriage, but must have them and they wont prescribe without my turning up. I looked for one of those online pharmacies that would sell with no perscription, but the cost was so high that it wouldnt make sense over the long run (I have to use them for 16 weeks), plus I always worry that they wouldnt be the real deal. In the words of one of my many male friends, 'grrr'

Business-wise, I had hoped a lead from my landlords would work out, thereby being able to keep up with my rent. It looked rather promising, as its a gallery who sells prints, but only of blue chip Pop artists. And as I sell blue chip Photo Realists, we werent a match, so unfortunately no sale. :-(
Telling you this makes me realise that I have never promoted my site on this blog. So in case any of you are interested, my website is
It has about half the prints I have available on it ( yes, I know, I must add the rest!) plus I sell through Primrose Hill Interiors in the PH High St

Anyway, I'm off to do some errands, whilst knowing that a guy who've I've yet to meet, is doing the business to help my dream come true. I find that completely surreal.

Tomorrow is a big day in many ways, so I tell you how it went... 'in due course'.  Lol

Wish me luck


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  1. Hi Lulu I am an italian medicine student interested in Artificial Insemination and Reproductive technologies. Somehow I found in the database of full text articles my university provides us, an article about you. I was so glad to find out that you also have a blog,
    I wish you all the luck, and I really hope that your zeal and your heart will be soon rewarded!